Senior Noemi

During the month of October, we celebrate the Feast of Senior Noemi.  This is to commemorate the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

7 Our Lady of the Rosary Ultreya/Bible Study
12-20 Novena to Senior Noemi Novena Mass
21 Grand Celebration Feast of Senor Noemi Program
23 Feast of Senior Noemi


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  1. Bella says:

    Whether it is a 15 minute nonvea, 15 minutes of mental prayer, 15 minutes of the rosary or 15 minutes just reading the Bible, any 15 minutes a day you devote to God and growing closer to Him will be 15 minutes directed to the timelessness of eternity. Good for you! Very inspirational to read your humility by the sharing of your trials. That level of humility inspires more souls than any words of wisdom you could share for the simple fact humility is the one virtue on which all others hinge, including charity. In a culture with almost limitless freedoms and thereby limitless pride, true humility is priceless and rare. God bless you for embracing such a spirit as you prepare the way for the Lord!Happy All Soul’s Day too! Couldn’t pick a better day to start!

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