Feast of Our Lady of Rock

Novena Mass & Procession in Honor of the
Feast of Our Lady of Rock




Our Lady of Rock Novena

Novena Mass


Feast of Our Lady of Rock

Holy Mass


Grand Celebration Our Lady of Rock



Anniversary of Nature’s Basilica, Bataan, Phils.

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  1. Sahl says:

    Please pray for my family, I have a 6 month old son, his faethr has been having an online relationship that has broken up our family. Please pray that my son’s faethr and I are able to get back together, that all the hurt that we have caused each other be forgiven, and that my son will be able to be raised by both parents in one loving, caring, respectful family. Please pray that his faethr’s children from his first marriage be apart of their faethr’s life again, and that my children are able to forgive the hurt he has caused so that my son has his parents and all his siblings as one loving, caring family.

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